2018 Game Schedules/Standings

Subject to changes due to weather or wet fields.
Always check with your manager- check our face book page @La Habra city little after 3:30pm on weekdays and TEXT YOUR DIRECTOR BUT NOT before 8:00am on Saturdays.


2018 Game Results/Standings-coming soon






Tee Ball Game Schedule-2018

Majors Game Schedule-2017

Majors Interleague Rules-2018

Minor B Game Schedule-2018

50/70 Game Schedule-2017


Minor A Game Schedule w/Whit -2018

Orchard Dale access to school rules PLEASE READ-ALL PARENTS AND OBEY THEM

Juniors Interleague Game Schedule-2017

Juniors Interleague Rules-2018

Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form

AA Interleague Game Schedule-2017


AA Interleague Alliance Rules-2018



Senior Game Schedule - 2017

Senior Field Locations

Senior Fields - Map

Senior Playing Rules -2017

Sr. Mgr Notes for Interleague - 2017

Pitcher Register

AAA Interleague Game Schedule-2017


AAA Interleague Alliance Rules -2018