Youth Sports Parent Code of Conduct


Parents, you are an important part of the Little League experience. The following items below are the responsibilities for each parent who are members of our league:

Please read them carefully and sign one copy and return to your team mom.

  1. Get your child to games and practices on time. If you cannot be there, please contact the Manager, Coach or Team Mom in advance.
  2. Participate in the League’s Fundraisers. Participation means selling a minimum of one raffle book at the cost of $30. The money must be turned in prior to opening day-not on opening day.  If you have three or more children you are only required to sell two (2) books.
  3. Always remember that we are here for all the children. Be a good sport and show good examples of good sportsmanship when you are watching the games and always encourage your child to follow the coaching staff’s direction.
  4. Each PARENT is obligated to work one shift at the league snack shack-which is 2-3 hours per parent. The buy out is $15 per hour and paid in cash. This fee needs to be paid to the worker hired for your shift and can be given to your team mom prior to your team’s scheduled day. If there is a no show regardless of who’s fault you will be charged an additional $25 no show fee. So please ASK your team mom when your team is scheduled.
  5. Always remember to follow the chain of command if you have a problem and above all, remember we are all volunteers and should be treated with respect at all times.
  6. Please remember that we have coaches, players, umpires, board members and parents. Let each person do their job they have volunteered to do. Please let the coaches do the coaching. The umpires are calling the game as they see it. Remember that everyone does not have the same perspective when making calls. Parents need to be encouraging and supportive. This will make the Little League experience a positive one for everyone.
  7. Please help to keep the schools and parks clean of trash. Be sure your team picks up their trash after the game.  Follow the good neighbor policy.
  8. Remember that this is a volunteer organization. We can only operate with the help of everyone. If there is something you can do, please speak up and help!
  9. Be courteous to others who are around when smoking and recognize all school areas are smoke free and there is to be no smoking at any school fields-practice or games.
  10. Make sure all registration fees (including payment plans), fundraiser funds and team funds are turned in by the due dates given.




Parent Signature/guardian

________________________                 ____________________________

 Parent Signature/guardian                   Players name-age-team & Division


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